Top Hair Transplant Clinics in Tennessee

Published: 16 de January de 2024
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Dr. Oguz Kayiran
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Hair loss affects millions of men and women across the United States. Fortunately, the country hosts several reputable hair transplant clinics, each offering unique solutions to address the diverse needs of individuals experiencing hair loss. 

With the purpose of finding the best hair transplant clinics in the country, we’ve been writing different State’s clinics recommendations in our blog, and today’s destination is Tennessee! In this blog post, we'll delve into the highlights of some of the best hair transplant clinics in Tennessee.

1. Nashville Hair clinic

Dr. Marvel and his team of hair restoration experts have been serving Nashville for over 30 years. Their personalized approach to open donor and FUE hair restoration surgeries ensures natural-looking results. Dr. Marvel's expertise, combined with the use of advanced techniques like NHC Bundles, makes Nashville Hair Clinic a top choice for addressing various types of hair loss.

2. PRP Injections Clinic

At the PRP Injections Clinic, affordable and competitive prices meet cutting-edge PRP creation technology. Their team ensures expert care in cosmetic injectable and injury treatments and takes a holistic approach to patient treatment. 

3. Global Center  for Hair Restoration

The Global Center for Hair Restoration is run by an elite team of specialists with over 50 years of combined experience. Whether you're seeking surgical or non-surgical solutions, this Nashville-based center is committed to providing exceptional patient care and training clinicians on cutting-edge techniques. Led by Medical Director Michael Gold, the team at the Global Center for Hair Restoration ensures that each client receives compassionate and outstanding care. 

4. Ultimate Hair Nashville

Founded over 30 years ago by Belinda and Bill O’Brien, Ultimate Hair Nashville is dedicated to helping you look as good as you feel. Specializing in non-surgical treatments for hair loss, their experienced professionals use cutting-edge technology backed by solid research to identify and implement effective solutions. With a commitment to being the best trained, most professional, and most caring in the industry, Ultimate Hair Nashville promises an honest assessment, personalized treatment plans, and a free haircut for every new client. If you seek reliable, non-surgical solutions tailored to your unique needs, this clinic is a trustworthy choice.


Restore claims to be the #1 team trusted by celebrities, athletes, and everyday individuals. With over 24 years of experience, Restore has helped over 20,000 men regrow their hair through a comfortable and undetectable procedure. The team promises to deliver your hair back in the most comfortable way and provide a new thick mane.

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6. HAIRCLUB Memphis

HairClub Memphis provides personalized solutions for hair loss that are crafted to meet your unique needs. Conveniently located near the Windyke Country Club, this center prides itself on restoring both confidence and hair, catering to those just noticing hair loss or dealing with it for years. With private styling rooms and an in-house image consultant, HairClub Memphis ensures you love your reflection. Offering exceptional service, regardless of the severity of your hair loss, this center is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that restore your confidence and help you love your hair again.

7. Memphis Hair Doctor

Voted the Best Cosmetic Surgery Center in the Memphis Most awards in 2021, Memphis Hair Doctor’s doctors and staff provide excellence in hair restoration. Visit their Before and After Gallery and read Patient Testimonials to witness the transformative impact of their services. 

8. Bosley Hair Restoration & Transplant

Established in 1974 by Dr. L. Lee Bosley, Bosley remains the largest hair restoration practice in the United States, setting the standard of excellence for over 45 years. With a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical solutions, Bosley has helped millions worldwide understand their options and choose the right treatment. Offering free consultations and custom hair restoration plans, the practice's achievements include nearly half a million hair transplantation procedures and nine million people benefiting from topical products and non-surgical treatments. With over 70 locations, including Memphis, Bosley continues to lead the industry in providing effective and personalized hair restoration solutions.

9. Langsdon Clinic

The Langsdon Clinic, led by Dr. Phillip R. Langsdon, stands out for its unique specialization in surgery exclusively for facial plastic surgery. Focusing on providing the best care with natural-looking results, Dr. Langsdon employs the Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) method for hair restoration. The clinic combines state-of-the-art techniques with cost-conscious care to ensure a pleasant experience for patients. If you're seeking FUE hair restoration that resolves male pattern baldness with natural and unoperated results, the Langsdon Clinic offers a tailored approach to meet your aesthetic goals.

The best for the best!

In conclusion, Tennessee hosts a selection of distinguished hair transplant clinics, each offering unique solutions to address diverse hair loss concerns. From Nashville to Memphis, you can confidently choose from expert-led clinics, combining advanced techniques with personalized care. 

However, for those looking for an affordable yet high-quality hair transplant experience, clinics outside of the US are a valuable option! Operating exclusively with clinics in Mexico, Spain, and Turkey, we've developed stringent selection criteria focused on quality, resource availability, expertise, and affordability, providing a first-rate experience at a reasonable cost. If you're interested in learning more and want to talk to one of our experts, get a free quote without compromises! 

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