The 6 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Minnesota

Published: 23 de May de 2024
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Dr. Oguz Kayiran
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Hair loss can profoundly impact one's confidence and self-esteem. Thankfully, with advances in medical technology, there are now numerous options available for hair restoration. In Minnesota, you have access to a variety of clinics offering both surgical and non-surgical solutions to address hair loss concerns. 

From state-of-the-art facilities to highly experienced surgeons, these clinics are dedicated to helping individuals regain their hair and confidence. In this article, we'll explore the six best hair transplant clinics in Minnesota, each offering unique services and expertise to meet the diverse needs of clients. 

Whether you're seeking preventative measures or looking to restore and regrow your hair, these clinics are committed to providing top-notch care and exceptional results.

Bosley Hair Restoration & Transplant Minneapolis

Bosley Minneapolis offers both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration options in Minneapolis. Dr. Heather Cook, with over 20 years of surgical experience, leads the team. Board-Certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery, Dr. Cook is dedicated to helping individuals feel confident about their appearance. 
At Bosley Minneapolis, you can receive a free personal hair analysis to explore options for preventing hair loss or restoring and regrowing your hair. Their services include surgical hair restoration, topical products, non-surgical solutions, low-level laser therapy (LLLT) devices, and scalp micropigmentation (SMP).

Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota

The Hair Restoration Institute of Minnesota has been a leader in hair restoration since 1982. HRI offers both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration services. Named Minnesota's best Hair Restoration Clinic by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, HRI's team brings solid experience, providing unbiased recommendations and superior results. They offer complimentary airport shuttles, on-site hotel accommodations, and a "best price" guarantee with affordable financing.

HRI supports the community with discounts for veterans, teachers, and first responders, and serves as a Locks of Love donation center. Trusted by local celebrities, HRI has helped tens of thousands restore their hair and confidence over the past 40 years.

Hair Transplant Specialists

Hair Transplant Specialists, featuring Dr. Sharon Keene, Dr. Ron Shapiro, and Dr. Paul Rose, offers top-tier hair transplantation and non-surgical hair restoration. These world-renowned surgeons, celebrated for their expertise and years of experience, have trained and taught globally, delivering exceptional results endorsed by figures like Mike Greenlay and Darryl Sydor.

The clinic boasts a highly experienced team, including surgical technicians with over 18 years of experience. Dr. Ron Shapiro, one of the world’s leading hair transplant specialists, leads the team. They provide thorough assessments and detailed explanations of hair loss solutions. Renowned for their advanced techniques and featured in numerous publications, Hair Transplant Specialists ensures high-quality, innovative hair restoration.


HairClub Minneapolis is conveniently located just fifteen minutes from the Mall of America and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. HairClub Minneapolis offers proven hair restoration services designed to restore both hair and confidence. With a full wig salon offering a beautiful selection tailored to various styles and needs, along with a state-of-the-art salon, clients can expect a top-notch experience.
Their services include prevention and regrowth options for those just starting to experience thinning hair, providing a strong first line of defense. For more significant hair loss, HairClub offers hair replacement solutions that deliver full, natural-looking hair quickly and easily. Additionally, their FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures provide permanent solutions.

Good Look Ink

Good Look Ink is a  Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) provider, offering hair tattoo procedures. Based in Minneapolis with offices across North America, GLI aims to restore lasting confidence by revitalizing hairlines. Their advanced 6,000-square-foot facility boasts cutting-edge technology and a highly trained, personable staff, ensuring a clean, comfortable environment and exceptional results.

GLI stands out for its proven results with a lifetime guarantee, certified Impression Technicians, and a highly effective proprietary SMP method. With over seven years of SMP experience, GLI has transformed thousands of clients' appearances in as little as one day. They receive hundreds of positive reviews from diverse customers, including professional athletes, and are skilled at correcting previous SMP procedures. GLI's friendly, professional team is dedicated to providing a life-changing experience.

Shapiro Medical Group

Shapiro Medical Group (SMG) has been a world leader in hair restoration for over 25 years, earning international recognition for their expertise. Renowned physicians like Dr. Ron Shapiro have lectured at over 100 conferences worldwide. Dr. Ron Shapiro, Dr. Paul Shapiro, and Dr. Dave Josephitis, members of the ABHRS and ISHRS, are frequently listed among the top hair restoration doctors in the U.S. 

SMG focuses exclusively on hair restoration surgery, providing personalized care by scheduling only one procedure per day. Offering the latest in both surgical and non-surgical solutions, SMG is dedicated to restoring hair growth and confidence in their patients. 

You don’t need to break the bank

In closing, the six best hair transplant clinics in Minnesota offer a range of exceptional options for individuals seeking to address hair loss. From surgical to non-surgical treatments, these clinics are dedicated to providing top-notch care and delivering exceptional results.

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