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We are thrilled to share with you Stacy's review, directly sourced from Google Reviews. This genuine feedback perfectly encapsulates the experience we aim to provide to all our patients. At EasyHairHub, our mission is to deliver top-tier service and care, offer rates that are more competitive than those in the US, and most importantly, ensure the desired outcomes post-procedure. Stacy's experience stands as a testament to the commitment and dedication we invest in every case. We invite you to read his story and discover why EasyHairHub is the preferred choice for many.
My experience here was top level customer service. Hair Hub in Monterrey. Two doctors met with me. They addressed all my concerns. They spoke fluent English and Spanish, which allowed me to ask questions and get complete answers. The follow up has been as promised by text and video on WhatsApp. I will go here again. You will not be disappointed if you go here. I have been to another place in Mexico and was unhappy. This Easy Hair Hub is a few hundred more dollars than some places you will see in Cancun or on other websites. The little bit of extra cost was well worth it for me. You get what you pay for in life and when it comes to hair transplant. Dr Aguilar and Dr. Paulina are experts. The staff was courteous. I want to say that Dr Aguilar spoke with me while i was having the process completed. Any time I had pain he made sure to give me more medication to relieve the pain. There was 3 assistants in the operating room to help prepare the removed grafts for transplant and to assist the doctor. The process was extremely efficient. The operating room was clean and well prepared. Everything here is top notch customer service. When you have someone that you have to trust the future of your hair looks with. I can assure you that being able to communicate, feeling that your concerns are heard and addressed and knowing they are professionals. These are all things that far outweigh going to a slightly less expensive place. Again, I say this as someone who has been to another location and so I have something to compare Easy Hair Hub with. Do not waste your money and time with other locations. You will be glad you went here.
Stacy J
San Antonio - Texas
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I had about 4000 grafts done and it covered the entire scalp. I am closing in on 2 weeks post op and I am very happy with the look of the new hairline and distribution. If you were considering a hair transplant in Turkey this is the clinic to go with. the procedures are done in a real hospital and everyone involved are very kind.

Tyler Obrien

Very professional and effective treatment. Hight quality communication, certified doctors and really nice people over all. I got any details I requested and got an instant feedback during the surgery. Thanks !

Alexandru Tumuruc

My experience with CapilClinic was exceptional. This is by far one of the best hair transplant clinics in Istanbul. I planted 3800 grafts and the quality of the work perform is great so far. The surgeon took his time to listen to what I wanted to achieve and provided good feedback. Also, the staff took care of everything else (accommodation, airport transportation, etc...). If I go through this process again, I will chose CapilClinic again.

Mehdi Sabir

Excelent service from the first call: really attentive in their treatment wich is highly cordial and professiona. The clinic accomplished everything that was mentioned with a qualified staff and I would, without a doubt, recommend their services.

Alejandro Benz
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