Our mission

We want to give you the best experience for the lowest cost

For years, medical tourism has been a growing tendency in our country, but the misinformation and bad choices about clinics, doctors and locations led to bad results and unsatisfied customers all over the country.

EasyHairHub started with the idea of a doctor who realized that people are lost when they try to get aesthetical surgery outside the US. Obviously, saving money is important, but it should never be at the expense of the person's health and the difference in price is minor (if there is a difference at all). So we used all our knowledge and years of experience on the field to choose the bests possible locations at different cities of the world, working only with the best of the best.

That experience in the field allows us to choose and close deals only with the best possible clinics in every city. EasyHairHub is not sponsored neither is a place where all the clinics can be posted. Only those who accomplish strict criteria in experience, quality and facilities for the patient can be recommended by us.

Why booking with us?

We take care of everything while you save money


You will always get the best price

Our relationship with the clinics allows us to offer the best possible price.

We offer you flights and accomodation

Don’t worry about any of that stuff, we are here to help in every possible area.

24/7 Phone support

You’ll be in constant touch with our assistant to solve any doubt you might have.

Accomodation for your family and company

We will provide you options for your family or friends to travel with you and be by your side.

The highest possible implants guarantee

Some clinics work on an implant number budget. Working with us will allow you to get the maximum possible implants.

Cancel anytime

You can cancel anytime free of costs or charge with EasyHairHub. Only hotel of accomodation if already booked would have a cost.

Our Standard

How do we choose who do we work with?


We will only have one clinic per city, making sure that only the best one is the right one


The staff and doctors speak english or you have the option to have a translator always with you.


Every doctor has more than 10 years working in the field and over a 1000 succesful surgeries.


The facilities are equal or similar to what we would expect in an american clinic.

Get your confidence back saving up to a 70%

Get your hair back from $199/month
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