How to Recover the Hair Lost?

Published: 7 de April de 2022
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Dr. Oguz Kayiran
Medical Reviewer

Whether you are a man or a woman, your hair is an important part of your body. And we bet you do not need anyone to remind you of that. It contributes immensely to your overall look. And it brings so much self-confidence than you can imagine.

Unfortunately, the problem comes when you start to see some recession. Sometimes maybe from your hairline. Other times, in the middle of your head. You realize you are losing hair.

Well, no one wants that. So, are you wondering how to recover the hair lost? We have got you covered. In this article, we will tell you how to recover your lost hair.

Let’s go!

What is hair Loss?

First, let us dig deeper into what hair loss is all about. Well, while it seems simple, it is quite detailed than you would have thought.

Typically, your hair has a protein referred to as keratin. It gets produced within hair follicles that reside in the outer skin layer. Now, these follicles produce hair cells in a cycle. Precisely, dead cells get pushed out by new cells reaching around six inches each year. 

Now, hair loss occurs where the follicles fail to produce enough cells. Or most of the cells go into resting such that the skin becomes scanty. 

Treatment of Hair Loss 

Now that you have got a better idea about hair loss, let us get to how to remedy your situation. And, of course, recover your hair.

Typically, there are a variety of options ranging from medication to natural remedies to a hair transplant. Now that we have that clear, here are specific treatment options to recover the hair lost.

1. Minoxidil

A popular treatment option to recover hair loss is the use of medications. And one medication that stands out is Minoxidil, also regarded as Rogaine.

It is an over the counter medication that you can apply to your scalp. It then helps you recover your hair loss. This medication works on your hair follicles. And it reveres the shrinking process. In turn, this stimulates the growth of new hair in the area.

Usually, this medication is most effective in young persons in the early stage of their hair loss. Typically, it also slows down hair loss while spurring new growth.

For this medication, you will need to apply it to the bald spot twice daily. And you will also need to apply it indefinitely. This is because the moment you stop, the hair loss starts again.

This drug is FDA approved with little or no side effects. At its worst, it can cause some form of skin irritation.

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2. Finasteride

Another great option that you can resort to for recovering your hair is using another medication called Finasteride. Also regarded as Propecia, this option is not obtainable over the counter. You need a prescription for it. As such, you will need to consult with your doctor.

However, you will need to avoid this medication if you are a pregnant woman. This is because it can result in congenital disabilities within baby boys. 

Typically, this option gets to work by stopping the formation of body hormones that spurs hair loss. All you need to do is take it once each day based on your prescription. The great thing is that, like Minoxidil, there is hardly any side effect.

However, they also bear the same limitations. Precisely, you will need to use it indefinitely to keep it at work. This is because once you stop, that is the end of its effects.

3. Natural Remedies 

You can also give natural remedies a try to recover your lost hair. Various remedies can help you stimulate your hair growth. Popular examples of these natural remedies include hair oils, massage, and mask to stimulate hair growth.

There is also the use of aloe vera to soothe the scalp. In turn, it conditions the hair and unblocks your hair follicles. This way, you can lose excess soil, stopping your hair growth. All you need to do is apply it to your hair and scalp a few times each week.

You can also rely on other natural oils like fish oil, ginseng, coconut oil, geranium oil, and rosemary oil. The fact is that they are part of most synthetic materials that promise hair growth. In this case, you access them naturally and apply them to your bald area.

4. Hair Implants

Another great option, and perhaps the best choice for recovering your lost hair, is through a hair transplant. This is very useful because, unlike medication, it provides a permanent solution to your hair issues. 

With this option, there is a relocation of your skin from one part to another. Precisely, the skin part with active follicles gets transplanted to the bald area. 

Usually, this can require multiple sessions and take quite a while. Sometimes, as much as six months. However, with each session, the doctor will implant between 10 and 60 skin plugs. 

Then, after, you will begin to see new hair growth. Although, the old hair before the implant may fall out. 

Also, various procedures may occur in this category. For instance, there is the Follicular Unit Transplantation. 

With this procedure, the doctors transplant between one and four hair follicles and place them together. This is to provide you with a more natural look.

There is also the Follicular Unit Extraction. This procedure involves collecting finer hair follicles from your neck’s nape. This is then used for your eyebrows or hairline. 

Final Thoughts 

Hair loss is quite common today. However, it is nothing to be worried about. As you must have realized, there are now various options that you can maximize to fix your hair. We have listed out these various options.

However, remember that if you are looking for a permanent solution, then a hair transplant is your best bet. Sure, it might take time, but it is worth the stress. Once done, you can go on and enjoy the confidence that comes with a great hairline for as long as you want.

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