Hair Transplant Prices Guide by country 2023

Published: 27 de February de 2023
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Hair Transplant Prices Guide by country 2023
Dr. Oguz Kayiran
Medical Reviewer

If you are considering or have decided to go forward on your hair transplant journey, you may be wondering how much will the procedure cost you and what will the price depend on. 

Spoiler, hair transplant prices vary a lot. From less than $2,000 to over $14,000, the price of your treatment will depend on the clinic and country you select, the experience of your surgeon of choice, and the technique that is used. While all elements have a direct effect on the cost of your hair transplant, we’ve found that the location where you take the procedure plays a crucial role for those willing to save up some money.

In this blog, we’ll better understand how hair transplant prices are calculated and the different factors influencing them, putting special emphasis on the average price of hair transplant by country, from cheapest to most expensive.

How are hair transplant prices calculated?

Hair transplant prices are set according to the amount of grafts needed. A graft is a strip of skin that contains hair, generally containing several. Grafts are used during hair transplantation, transplanting them from the donor area to the area missing hair follicles so these can grow there. 

Hence, the costs of your hair transplant will vary depending on the amount of grafts you need. Although most clinics set a standard price, that is calculated based on the price per graft.

If you want to learn how many grafts you may need, check out this guide and if you are wondering how many grafts do you need, you can use our calculator to get an estimation.

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What are the key factors affecting the cost of a hair transplant?

1. Graft count

As we just saw, the price of the procedure has a lot to do with the stage of our baldness or hair loss. The price of a full head transplant is much different than that of a half-head transplant. 

However, statistics show that the average amount of grafts transplanted in hair transplant procedures is 2,000, which is the number that clinics use to base their pricing strategies. 

2. Technique

Logically, the trickiness of the hair transplant technique used also comes into the equation when calculating the cost of the procedure. 

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are the two main hair transplant techniques. While in FUE, the surgeon harvests individual hair follicles from the donor area, in FUT, the surgeon removes a strip of hair from the donor area and transplants it to the recipient area. This difference means that the FUE technique is more time-consuming, as it requires more effort and precision, leading to a higher cost than FUT surgery.

If you want to learn more about hair transplant techniques, check out this guide.

3. Location

Last but definitely not least, location is the most important variable determining your hair transplant price. 

The economic situation and legal framework of each country explains such wide differences. The costs of wages, facilities and equipment directly related to the clinic changes from one country to another. Also, differences in currencies must be taken into account as the exchange rate could either increase or decrease the amount of money to spend.

In conclusion, it may be interesting to consider the possibility of undergoing hair transplant surgery abroad if prices in your local area are above average. In Easy Hair Hub we work precisely on selecting clinics outside the US to provide the best quality at more affordable prices.

That is why we have gathered information and ranked hair transplant prices by country from cheapest to most expensive.

Hair Transplant Prices by Country

1. Turkey

Prices in Turkey are around $1,07 per graft, between $1,900-2,200 in total.

2. Mexico

Prices in Mexico are around $1,28 per graft, between $2,250-2,750 in total.

3. India

Prices in India are around $1,34 per graft, between $2,450-2,850 in total.

4. Hungary

Prices in Hungary are around $1,47 per graft, between $2,600-3,050 in total.

5. Thailand

Prices in Thailand are around $2,30 per graft, between $4,000-4,700 in total.

6. Malaysia

Prices in Malaysia are around $2,35 per graft, between $4,300-4,900 in total.

7. Poland

Prices in Poland are around $2,74 per graft, between $4,750-5,600 in total.

8. Spain

Prices in Spain are around $2,85 per graft, between $5,000-5,850 in total.

9. Germany

Prices in Germany are around $2,93 per graft, between $5,200-6,000 in total.

10. UK

Prices in the UK are around $3,22 per graft, between $5,750-6,750 in total.

11. South Korea

Prices in South Korea are around $3,85 per graft, between $6,900-7,800 in total.

12. Singapore

Prices in Singapore are around $5 per graft, between $8,900-10,300 in total.

13. USA

Prices in the USA are around $5,44 per graft, between $9,750-11,250 in total.

14. Australia

Prices in Australia are around $5,5 per graft, between $9,850-11,450 in total.

15. Canada

Prices in Canada are around $7 per graft, between $12,500-14,350 in total.

The bottom line

As stated right at the beginning of this article, the price of hair transplantation surgery varies greatly. The selection of location, techniques and the amount of hair grafts needed to cover are the key elements influencing the total price. 

The country averages listed in this article can be used as a guide to consider international options when willing to undergo this procedure. It is also relevant to consider the expertise of surgeons and clinics to ensure quality. As always, we advise you to do extensive research before selecting a clinic.

You can check out here our international hair transplant clinics selection in Mexico, Spain and Turkey, and don’t forget to get a free quotation!

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