What is FUE Hair Transplant?

The FUE Technique Follicular Unit Extraction, consists in the extraction of hairy follicles individually. The follicles are extracted with a tool called 'micromotor' in a process that is called tunneling.

During the process of implantation, minor incisions are made in the scalp, which is calleed "opening canals", with an styrilized syringe.

Later, the collected implants from the previous steps, will be inserted there with special syringes called punch.

Differences between DHI and FUE

The DHI technique is a variant of the FUE technique.

As we said, it is really similar in the process of extraction of follicles one by one, being the main difference the method of implantation in the receiving zone.

The main difference:

  1. With the DHI technique you don't have the shave the implant zone if the patient doesn't want to. In the FUE Technique it is essential to shave both the receiving and donor area.
  2. The FUE method is used for extracting and implanting follicles whilst the the DHI Technique only refers to the final step of the follicles implantation.
  3. With the DHI technique you can implant a maximum of 3000 follicles. Conversely, with the FUE you can get a higher amount of units.

Follicular unit extraction procedure stages. FUE hair loss treatment steps.

Advantages of the FUE Technique

It allows to implant more follicles per intervention, making it the most suitable technique for advanced or total baldness.

Disadvantages of the FUE Technique

· The follicles are handled in a higher rate than in DHI, increasing the chances of damaging them.

· It doesn't allows to work with a density as high as DHI - It doesn't allow to calculate the inclination of the hair as much as the DHI technique does, what could result in a less natural look.

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