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Nicolás de Vicente Muñoz is a highly skilled hair transplant doctor from Spain. He got his degree in 2020 from the AMIR academy and got his master's in esthetic and regenerative medicine in 2022 at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is also an IMS Institute Medical School associate professor specializing in the FUE technique.

Nicolás has more than 2 years of experience as a plastic and esthetic surgeon. He has worked in Madrid's main hair transplant clinics and now collaborates with Capilclinic and EasyHairHub.

Nicolas de Vicente, hair transplant doctor in Madrid



University of Alcalá de Henares: Medical Biology Degree (2011-2012)
University CEU San Pablo: Medicine Degree (2012-2018)
Trichology and Hair Transplant Master: AMIR Academy (2020-2021)
Healthy Aging, Medical Aesthetics, and Regenerative Medicine Master: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2021-2022)


Hair Transplant Doctor, EasyHairHub – Madrid (2022- present)
Hair Transplant Doctor, Capilclinic – Madrid (2022- present)
Hair Transplant Doctor, Man Medical Institute – Madrid (2021)
IMS Institute Medical School associate professor, Madrid (2021 - present)
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