What is DHI Hair Transplant?

The DHI technique (Direct Hair Implantation) consists in realizing the extraction and implementation at the same time, so the follicular unit stay the minimun time possible out of the body while being less handled.

The follicles survival rate is higher. The hair implant is realized with an instrument called “implanter” or “Choi pen”, a tool designed for a better collocation of the implants. At a glance, looks like a pen. It has a needle at the top where the follicles are introduced for the later collocation.

Differences between DHI and FUE

The DHI technique is a variant of the FUE technique.

As we said, it is really similar in the process of extraction of follicles one by one, being the main difference the method of implantation in the receiving zone.

The main difference:

  1. With the DHI technique you don't have the shave the implant zone if the patient doesn't want to. In the FUE Technique it is essential to shave both the receiving and donor area.
  2. The FUE method is used for extracting and implanting follicles whilst the the DHI Technique only refers to the final step of the follicles implantation.
  3. With the DHI technique you can implant a maximum of 3000 follicles. Conversely, with the FUE you can get a higher amount of units.

Advantages of the DHI Technique

It allows to perform the hair transplant without shaving. For this reason, it has become the favorite technique amongst men with long hair.

The manipulation of the follicles during the process is lower, which increases the survival ratio.

Also, the “implanter” or “choi pen” allows the doctor to have a higher precision in the depth of the implant and the angle in which the new hair will grow, giving a much more natural look.

Disadvantages of the DHI Technique

  • If it is not done properly by qualified doctors, it can lead to less natural results due to the wrong directions and angles of the follicle's implants.
  • It is recommended for implants in zones of a lower extension with a maximum of 3000 follicles, so it is not recommended in cases of total or advanced baldness.

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