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Easy Hair Hub16 May 2024

The impact of smoking on hair health: how smoking can affect transplant results

Hair health is influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics, diet, stress, and lifestyle choices. Among these, smoking is a significant yet often overlooked contributor to hair problems.  Smoking is widely recognized for its detrimental effects on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, but its impact extends to various aspects of physical appearance, including skin […]
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Easy Hair Hub03 Jul 2023

Is Castor Oil Good for Hair Growth?

The trend for natural hair products is undoubtedly rising. The truth is, there’s a large amount of natural remedies whose properties can give a little boost to your hair’s health. A popular option in the market is castor oil, known for its potential benefits for your scalp.  In this blog post, we will dive deep […]
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Easy Hair Hub26 Jun 2023

Can I Dye My Hair After a Hair Transplant?

You’ve just taken the step to achieve your dream hair through a hair transplant, and all you’re thinking is: now what? It is natural to have questions and concerns about post-transplant care and we’re here to cover all those doubts! One very common query that arises is whether it is safe to dye your hair […]
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Easy Hair Hub05 Jun 2023

Does Rosemary Oil Help Hair Growth?

Have you ever tried natural remedies to achieve your desired vibrant and healthy hair? In the quest for luscious hair, people often explore many remedies and treatments. One popular natural remedy that has gained attention in recent years is rosemary oil. Known for its pleasant aroma and culinary uses, rosemary oil has also been suggested […]
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Easy Hair Hub12 Jan 2023

The 10 best foods for healthy hair according to dietitians and nutritionists

You are what you eat! It is a well known fact that our diets have a direct impact on our bodies, internally and externally. Just like glowing, flawless skin or shiny, smooth nails, food plays a crucial role in achieving the shiny, strong, and healthy hair of your dreams. While the health of your hair […]
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