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Easy Hair Hub06 Oct 2022

All You Need To Know About Your Donor Area

If you're considering a hair transplant, it's important to know about your donor area. In this article, we'll discuss what the donor area is, how it's used in hair transplants, and the differences between FUE, FUT, and DHI procedures. We'll also talk about how long it takes for the hair to grow back after a […]
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Easy Hair Hub06 Oct 2022

Hair Transplant Vs. Hair Replacement

Hair transplant and hair replacement are two popular methods for restoring hair. However, both have pros and cons, making it difficult to decide which option is best for you. In this article, we will compare and contrast hair transplant vs. hair replacement so that you can make an informed decision about which treatment is right […]
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Easy Hair Hub26 Sep 2022

When Is The Best Season To Get A Hair Transplant?

Anyone considering a hair transplant often questions when the best time of year is to pull the trigger on this life-changing decision. Many factors go into deciding when the time is right. For example, is summer better than winter? This article discusses the pros and cons of when to get your hair transplant and why […]
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Easy Hair Hub19 Sep 2022

Am I A Good Candidate To Get A Hair Transplant?

Most people who come in for a hair transplant consultation want to know if they are good candidates for the treatment. In fact, this is the number one question we are asked during a consultation. Several factors go into determining whether or not someone is a good candidate for a hair transplant. This article will […]
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Easy Hair Hub24 Aug 2022

Hair Transplant Mexico vs. Turkey

Mexico is a top destination for patients seeking hair transplants. It is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to cosmetic procedures for hair loss. In addition, its high-tech equipment and technology make the country a favorable option.  In addition, the cost per graft for a hair transplant is significantly lower than in […]
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Easy Hair Hub16 Aug 2022

FUE, FUT, or DHI: What type of hair transplant is best for you?

When it comes to hair transplants, doctors use three main techniques: FUE, FUT, and DHI. So, how do you know which type of hair transplant is best for you? It might not be as easy as you think. In fact, there are various factors doctors consider when choosing which type of hair transplant to use […]
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